Agnese Stengrevics was born on March 31st, 1999 in Riga, Latvia into a musical and entrepreneurial family.  Her father Helvijs Stengrevics is a pianist, composer and arranger and her mother Laine Ligere Stengrevics plays guitar and lute and was formerly a singer.  They now run a family business. 


Since childhood Agnese was drawn to music.  Although music was ubiquitous during Agnese’s childhood, at the age of six her first passion was figure skating.  Figure skating gave Agnese the opportunity express her emotions with movement and to build her character to persevere through difficulties.    Figure skating remains one of her hobbies, however with every day music takes larger place in her heart and her life.  Agnese feels that music is a separate world where she is able to express her feelings and experiences and seek her true self.  As she says, “there is not a day that has past where I have not listened to music or hummed a song.  I could listen to music 24/7, unfortunately a person must also sleep and work”.  


Agnese has also completed “Dramaturge Theater” (Playright Theater) studies, where under Herman Pauks’ leadership she acquired stage experience and skills.