AGNESSE is up-comming artist and owner of a beautiful voice timbre. She actively performs in Latvia and United Kingdom and releases new music!


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She has successfully competed in various regional new singer competitions including:

  • “Baltic Talent” 1st place, 2014;
  • “Latvian Voice – Youth” finalist, 2015;
  • the Baltic States Joint Project “Baltic Voices” semi-finalist, senior division, 2015;
  • and the Latvian television organized competition “Voice Commander 2015”  finalist.
  • Pop Stage-Riga 2016- 3.place;
  • Baltic Talent 2016 (Lithuania)-1st place;
  • Europopcontest Berliner Perle 2016-Finalist;
  • Riga Symphony 2016- 1st place.
  • Popfest Jurmala 2017 Grand Prix
  • X Factor Latvia 2017


Agnese’s current repertoire includes:

  • "Šampis līst" I.Fārte lyrics
  • "Saku Tev Atā" I.Fārte lyrics
  • "Fly Away" (2020)  lyrics: A.Stengrevica
  • "Space or Time", (2019) music H.Stengrevics; lyrics: Kristal Oliver;
  • "You Are My World", (2017) music Helvijs Stengrevics; lyrics Agnese Stengrevics;
  • Faith Hope and Love, music H. Stengrevics; lyrics Barry O'Connel;
  • “The Best Thing I Never Had” - music H.Stengrevics; lyrics by Barry O’Connell;
  • “Tavās Rokās” (In Your Hands) -H.Stengrevics; lyrics by Laine Ligere Stengrevics;
  • “Praise Your Name” - music H.Stengrevics; lyrics by Barry O’Connell and others,
  • as well as many globally recognizable pop songs.